Weekly Events


7pm  |  Men’s Ministry – ZMC


7pm  |  Journey of Prayer – ZMC


       7pm  |  Worship & the Word – Start Date TBA

       7pm  |  GriefShare – ZMC – Begins Sept. 28


7pm  |  ZSM High School – ZMC

7pm  |  Victory in Christ Men & Women – ZLC


5:30pm  |  Worship Service – ZMC


9:30am  |  Worship Service – ZMC

9:30am  | ZSM Middle School – ZMC

9:30am  | Get Connected – ZMC 

11:30am  |  Worship Service – ZMC


Upcoming Events

November 10  |  Zarephath Student Ministry Bonfire – Wildheart Industries – 7 to 9pm

November 11  |  Culturefest – 11am – 4pm | ZMC

November 19  |  Welcome Reception – 1pm – Zarephath Ministry Center

November 19  |  ZBlood Drive  |  Wilson Gym

November 22  |  Thanksgiving Service | 7pm

November 25  |  Night of Worship | 5:30pm | Zarephath Ministry Center

December 2/3  |  ZKidz Christmas Play

Single Moms Ministry

Single Moms Ministry is an Isaiah 61 Ministry that offers hope and healing for single moms no matter your circumstance or age. If you are divorced, widowed, have never been married, single grandmother raising grandchild(ren), or a single woman raising a niece/nephew, this ministry is for you. Come join us for fellowship, discussion, and shared experience with other single moms.

Fall Welcome Reception

If you have never attended, YOU are invited to the Welcome Reception! Our hope is that our time together will affirm what you mean to us and that you will feel ay home here at ZCC, for together, we are the body of Christ! Please take this opportunity to invite a friend to church that day and join us for the Welcome Reception!

November 19 | 1pm | Zarephath Ministry Center



The devastating pain, confusion and feelings of isolation that come with separation and divorce are often more than one can bear. If you or someone you know is newly Separated or Divorced, struggling to make sense of it all, and looking to find healing in a safe and encouraging environment, please reach out about our Fall Session.

Victory in Christ

Victory in Christ is designed for those struggling with addiction, where you will learn to recognize the patterns of addiction, to choose wisdom over foolish desires, and to cling to the hope we have in Jesus Christ, who sets captives free!
Join us as we study God’s Word. Invite a friend, that they too will find freedom in Jesus Christ!

Financial Stewardship

For July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018

Minimum Monthy Expense  –  $216,000.00

Tithes & offerings from September 2017  –  $164,510.83

  • 76.16%

ZCC is a Ministry of Pillar of Fire International