About Victory in Christ

Victory in Christ is designed for those struggling with addiction. In a pressure-filled world, the prospect of instant escape can be exhilarating. No matter the object – drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, or sex, they extend the promise of pleasure. What began as an escape from the hassles of life becomes a form of bondage. In the end, they deliver emptiness, death, and destruction.

In this class, you will learn to recognize the patterns of addiction, to choose wisdom over foolish desires, and to cling to the hope we have in Jesus Christ, who sets captives free!

Please Note: We have separate meetings for Men and Women. 

When & Where

Friday Evenings at 7pm

ZCC Life Center

Directions →


Men – Carl Scialfa | Email →

Women – Jan Dunlop Email →


2 Ministry Center Drive

Zarephath, NJ 08890



ZCC is a Ministry of Pillar of Fire International