About Miriam’s Heart

Miriam’s Heart Orphan Care is a ministry devoted to educating and equipping the Church to take action on behalf of orphaned and abandoned children. Miriam’s Heart is both a local ministry to Zarephath Christian Church and has also formed a non-profit outreach ministry to northeast region Church Partners.

Miriam’s Heart, Inc. is a non-profit which creates, supports, and collaborates with Churches, organizations, and families in the northeast to #TakeAction on behalf of orphaned and abandoned children. We do this by creating a ‘culture of adoption’ in every church we work with. Miriam’s Heart, Inc. also provides the Miriam’s Heart Fund→, which can be used to help offset the costs of adoption and for adoptive/foster parent training.

Miriam’s Heart at ZCC functions under the five ministry pillars developed by Miriam’s Heart, Inc. Those pillars – edify, fellowship, mentor, network, and rally – shape how we meet the needs of the people of Zarephath Christian Church in taking action on behalf of the fatherless.


Miriam’s Heart at ZCC hosts the bi-annual Adoption and Foster Care 101 sessions, our fellowship for adoptive and foster families, called The Blend, and other information nights, events, and training. In partnership with Miriam’s Heart, Inc., the ministry local to Zarephath Christian Church also participates in the “Into His Fields” Concert and regional conference events, along with various other training, fellowship, fundraising, and teaching events.

Miriam’s Heart Inc.

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