IT'S TIME for us to REACH the goal of completing the ZMC, enabling us to REACH more people and raise up more disciples. We have identified the costs associated with specific spaces and functions in the front of the ZMC so that each of us can be specific in what area we want to sponsor or directly contribute to.

Café: $40,000

Featuring a variety of hot and cold beverages along with sandwiches and snacks, this project will allow for completion of the construction on the Café Interior and Exterior along with the purchase and installation of the food service equipment. Proceeds from Café operations will help fund the Urban Impact program.

Nursery Area: $49,000

Completion of this area will allow the current Nursery in the Children’s Ministry Center to relocate to ZMC, where we will have two infant care rooms, two toddler rooms with bathrooms, and a nursing mother's room along with a check-in area.

Kitchen: $115,000

Once complete, the Kitchen will have the ability to service ministries of ZCC and Urban Impact and other users of ZMC. Food that is prepared in the kitchen will be able to be served either in the MultiPurpose Room or other Ministry areas in ZMC. While the actual room construction is complete, this project is to purchase and install the food service equipment such as Refrigerators, Stoves, Ovens, Fryers, Ice Machine, and Dishwasher

Quiet Room: $10,000

This room will offer a comfortable location for families with children to go during Service or Events and still be able to see and hear everything that is going on in the Multi-Purpose Room. Funding for this area will allow the interior of the room to be completed and the purchase of furniture.

Adult Education: $42,000

Classrooms are a vital element as we continue to grow and disciple here at ZCC. Completion of this portion of the project involves finishing the interior of three Adult Education Activity Rooms on the first floor. These rooms can hold between 35 (Smaller Room) to 75 (Larger Room).

Urban Impact Office Area: $18,000

Office area for Urban Impact staff, which will allow them to work more closely with the ministry resources by improving their connection with ZMC and streamlining the operational and logistic challenges. This work will complete the interior of the offices and reception area along with a computer based training room.

Office Area: $95,000

Completion of the ZCC Office area will allow the move of all administrative offices and functions from the Main Campus to ZMC placing us well outside of the flood area. Also, this move will greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the staff while also reducing our operating cost by concentrating our efforts in energy efficient space.

Second Floor: $190,000

Our second floor is for our Activity Room, Classrooms, and Common Areas. As ZCC continues to pursue the most effective ways to minister, disciple and grow, the completion of the second floor becomes an important part of that vision. With one large Activity Room, which can hold up to 240 people and three smaller classrooms, this space will be able to house ministries such as: Get Connected, Alpha, Youth, Marriage Ministry and a host of others. Additionally, there will be some open areas where seating for prayer, fellowship and reading will be provided. Due to the extensive nature of work in the Atrium, Hallways, and Stairs, this portion of the project requires considerable investment.

Bookstore: $15,000

The Book/Gift Store will serve the ZCC and UI Family by maintaining an inventory of books and other teaching materials that will be used in ministry classes. Also Greeting Cards, CDs and DVDs and other related items will be offered. Funding in this goal will be used to complete the interior of the store.

Functional Areas: $79,000

The Functional Areas include Maintenance, Storage, Security, and Rest Rooms on the first floor. These areas will be used to support all of the first floor activities. Funds raised for this goal will be used to complete the interior of these rooms including Rest Room fixtures

Thank you for your part in completing the ZMC so that together with God’s help, we can REACH more people!