Why are Smaller Communities Important?

Before the foundation of the world, community existed within the Godhead. In the first human relationship to ever be created, God’s intention was unity. Since then, sin has entered the world and mankind has been broken but the original intent of mankind has remained the same. We have been created for togetherness to the glory of God! In fact, community is where Christians grow and thrive, where skeptics and new believers can experience vibrant, loving faith and where disciples of Christ can lean on one another through thick and thin. Biblical community looks like broken people, coming from different backgrounds, struggling with different things, all joining together with one common purpose- to pursue Jesus together.

Relationships are the indispensable element for disciple making and sanctification (spiritual growth). So therein lays the question: what do we do about this? We believe that Jesus effectively modeled the method for effective ministry by selecting a small group of twelve men whom He discipled (see Luke 6:12-14). His strategy involved building relationships and investing Himself in these men over a certain period of time to equip them to do the same. Our Life Groups aim towards the same purpose. We realize that life is better together. Join us!

What are Life Groups?

Life Groups are places where we journey together in smaller communities at Zarephath Christian Church. These are home Bible studies led by ZCC congregants from all over New Jersey.

Our purpose is Pursuing Jesus Together through:

  • Connection – Authentic Community
  • Unity – Living on mission together
  • Growth – Becoming more like Christ

What can I expect?

  • Fellowship/Connection
  • Bible Content
  • Prayer
  • Accountability
  • Service
  • Multiplication

ZCC is a Ministry of Pillar of Fire International