Love, Live & Serve

Our Mission is to LOVE as Jesus loved, LIVE as Jesus lived and SERVE as Jesus served.


  • To lead children, youth and adults into a deeper love of God through vibrant worship, prayer and a passionate presentation of His word at weekly worship services.
  • To honor the Word of God by hearing, studying and applying it in our daily lives while demonstrating devotion to God and love for one another.


  • To ensure that all children, youth, and adults feel welcome and comfortable at ZCC so that only the gospel offends
  • To move children, youth, and adults toward engaging in genuine Christian community through a weekly growth group connection


  • To help children, youth, and adults live a life of servanthood through ministry teams operating within and outside the walls of the church.
  • To encourage congregants and the church to live and give generously to the needs of the poor, spreading the gospel throughout the earth and the ministry of the church.