Our A-Teams are an opportunity to connect with people who are interested and gifted in the same things you are, people who want to use what they have to bless others in Jesus’ Name! It might be home décor, arts, education, carpentry, camping, or whatever your interests, there’s a way to use it to bless others!

Much like our “Life Groups” which gather around a shared geography or study focus, A-teams are not so much ‘ministries’ as they are groups that gather around shared interests. Once the group gets together, they simply ask, “How could we use this to bless others and lift up Jesus Name?”

If you’d like more information about Affinity teams (A-Teams) in outreach, contact Mark Avery →

Abundant Home


We are a creative group of women who share a love of decorating and do-it-yourself projects. We want to share our talents and skills in decorating by providing furnishings and household goods to those in need, such as people who are transitioning out of homeless shelters, or those who just don’t have money for the bare necessities.

We believe that every person deserves to have a comfortable home as a haven. We do this in response to the mandate from our Lord Jesus Christ to take care of the orphans, widows and the poor. There are many ways you can help us in this outreach: Donations of lightly used household items and furniture, and monetary donations. We also need volunteers to help rehab furniture and help us decorate the houses of our clients.


Barbara  |  Email →

ZBlood Drive


People need people in all kinds of ways, and one absolutely vital, life-saving way we can help other people is to participate in a blood drive! Our local partner, Robert Wood Johnson, works with us twice a year to gather life-giving blood for people in our community who greatly need it!  Join us as a volunteer or a blood donor (early May and early November each year).


Chris  |  Email →

Fair Tent


Do you love going to Fairs in the summer?  All those games, food, fun… and just celebrating summer! Well, we are going to be going to some of the local fairs in the area to let people meet some of our awesome ZCC folk, like you! We’ll have a table, a swag bag and a few friendly faces just to remind people that “God loves you”. In 2017, we’re at Festival of Balloons, Somerset 4H and Franklin Twp.


Mark  |  Email →

Performing Arts


The Performing Arts team is a group of artists who use their God-given talents to honor, praise and glorify God. We take our praise art expressions to the streets, parks, and cafes and express His Faithfulness and Love for His people in songs, music, dance, poetry, theater and flag worship. We are committed to drawing others closer to Him with the beautiful and unique gifts He has given each individual. Together, we will worship and pray beyond every wall and open-space environment with bowed hearts in the Presence of the Holy Spirit and shout-out God’s Everlasting Love for His people through the arts. If you have any experience in prop and backgrounds, audio video, event management and any performing arts training, please join us to worship, praise and honor God without boundaries with the gifts He has given you.

We would love for you to be a part of an amazing and life-changing encounter with God!


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OUR MISSION is to Love, Live, and Serve as Jesus did, honoring the Word of God by: hearing, studying and applying it in our daily lives; encouraging a life of servanthood; and spreading the Gospel throughout New Jersey and all the earth.

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