October 10 – 17, 2017



  • India Statistics:
    • 1.27 billion in 2013, soon to overtake China as the most populous country
    • Hindu 80%, Islam 12%, Christian 2.5% (approx)
  • Andhra Pradesh (the state in India we will be traveling to):
    • 86 million in 2011, 5th largest state in India
    • Hindu 89%, Islam 9%, Christian 1.5%

Purpose and Focus

We will be going to the rural community of Khammam in the state of Telegana where we will join our local partners in ministry to orphans, the elderly, lepers, and AIDS-affected children.  We will also enjoy sharing worship and teaching with local pastors in the region! 

Ministry Activities

  • Ministry to Homes for the Elderly, the Leprosy community, Schools for Handicapped Children
  • Large group Children’s Ministry
  • Focused Children’s ministry at “Happy Home” for AIDS-affected children
  • Administrative support of Happy Home Child Sponsorship program
  • Pastor Conference
  • Worship and Outreach with Rural Churches and Pastors

Join the 2016 India Mission Team and be blessed by all our Lord will do in and through you!

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