February 9 – 18, 2018


  • Liberia is a country that has been ravaged in the past by war (1990s) and disease (Ebola, 2016).
  • The people of Liberia are of two main groups– some are country people who are native to the area, others are descendants of African Americans who decided to go back to Africa after emancipation.
  • Christianity is the dominant religion in Liberia with churches everywhere, though faith is often mixed in practice with animism and a deep fear of witchcraft.  Most natural events such as deaths or sickness are thought to have a spiritual origin.

Purpose and Focus

During this trip, we will be at the Po River mission station with Steve and Jen Butwill → who run a clinic in the area.  We will be helping as needed with repairs and renovations, going with medical trips into the bush, helping with English practice with the kids at the local school and miscellaneous opportunities for service in the area.  As the site is literally right on the beach, activities will include swimming and enjoying beach life!  Mainly, we want to be an encouragement and support for the work Steve and Jen are leading in Po River.

Ministry Activities

  • Mission Site renovations
  • Children’s activities
  • Help as needed with clinic, such as medical trips into the bush
  • Those with medical skills are greatly valued!

Join the 2018 team to this extremely remote area of West Africa, and experience a whole new reality of life and ministry!

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