Local Outreach & Events

The Alpha Course

Alpha is a place where we discuss Christianity in a safe and loving, non-confrontational environment where any question is valid.  It is also an environment where we can enjoy fellowship and build relationships with others in that safe and loving context. It’s a great course to come to alone or with a friend.

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We have set a goal as a pastoral team that 50% of our congregation will have some evangelism training by the end of 2017!  The overwhelming majority of people who live in our area are not attending any church, and for many, that means they are not yet experiencing the life of Jesus Christ!  This August, we have the following opportunities for Evangelism as the Lord leads you in this work:

Remember, you carry the message with you everywhere you go!  Some of us may go to the ends of the earth, some to a neighboring city, some across the street and some in our own family... but all of us are called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ! You don't have to do that alone -  join us!

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Prison Ministry

“I was in prison and you visited Me…”  These words of Jesus invite us to participate in the lives of those locked away from our normal routines and communities. At Prison Ministries, we create an opportunity to follow this call into the lives of those in prison in our community. 

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Senior Home Ministry

This is a great way to experience and participate in a mercy ministry to men and women who are very receptive and appreciative for the time that we give them.  Just come worship, share your testimony, visit and pray.  Families with kids are welcome!  No special skills are required, just a willingness to be used by God.

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Why do a festival of cultures? To glorify God by celebrating the cultures, He has brought to ZCC and hearing back from our summer teams who minister internationally!

  • 45+ Nations
  • 100s of distinct dishes
  • 50+ International songs
  • 5 International Mission Teams
  • 1 God
  • 1 Message

Picture yourself and our family exploring 45+ different cultures from all over the globe in one place at one time, all expressing in their unique way how the Creator God is glorified and enjoyed with distinct expressions by the provision of food, celebration in song, and design in craft.



God has designed each of us for good works that He has prepared beforehand for us to walk in-- ways we can participate as He is building His Kingdom! That's why Mission Fest is for the whole family!

It's a place where you can find a place to reach out to others and support all that goes on in doing that!  Come as a whole family to find your fit in outreach, mission and support service:
- Meet and talk with people involved now
- Explore roles that fit you personally
- Enjoy food, fun and fellowship

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