October 19 – November 2, 2017



  • Nepal is in an area recently hit by 2 major earthquakes which have caused major damage to the country.  Major aid resource groups are now active in the country.
  • Nepal is officially a democratic nation with a recently approved and ratified constitution permitting religious freedom nationwide (meaning people are permitted to choose what they want to believe without government intervention).
  • Nepal as a country is majority Hindu with Buddhist ethnic groups.  The nation is >1% Christian, and ethnic groups within Nepal often have no known believers.

Purpose and Focus

We will have the amazing opportunity of working face to face with people from a completely different worldview and life experience in a place where 0.001% are Christian (99.99% would be Tibetan Buddhist in the areas we will be working).  In the city we will be helping refugees with English conversational skills as well as learning about the culture and worldview of the people through guided interaction).  For those who elect to go on the second branch of the trip, we will be going to a remote location in the Himalayan mountains where we have begun working with community leaders in entry-level development opportunities they have identified as important.

Ministry Activities

  • Help tutor in conversational English at a local tutoring center
  • Visit an orphanage for children from remote areas
  • Get to know the people, culture, situation, and worldview of a refugee population
  • Stay in the city or trek to a more remote location in the Himalayan mountains

Join the 2017 Nepal Team and be blessed by all our Lord will do in and through you!

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