Partner Ministries

There is a lot we can do when we can work together in the Kingdom!

There is so much that God is doing beyond ZCC, and we are privileged to engage some great work that is happening through our partners. Why not take some time to get familiar with outreach ministries that we partner with as a church-- let's see how the Lord might want you to get involved!

Zarephath Health Center

Providing free health-care to the poor and uninsured is an expression of faith in action. The World Health Organization defines 'health' as a state of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. The goal of ZHC is to work on all three levels. For more information, go to

Urban Impact

Young men and women of the inner cities need to experience God’s love! This program includes Bible study, life skills training, music, dance, drama, art, sports, and more.  At Urban Impact, we seek to help transform young men and women into being who they were created by God to be. For more information, go to

Miriam's Heart, Inc.

Miriam’s Heart Orphan Care Resource Ministry is a ministry devoted to educating & equipping the body of Christ to take action on behalf of orphaned & abandoned children. We believe that this is God’s purpose of the church. Miriam’s Heart is both a local ministry to Zarephath Christian Church and has also formed an outreach ministry which desires to come alongside orphaned and abandoned children by facilitating connections between the orphaned and abandoned children and the people of the church. We do this by creating a 'culture of adoption' in our and every church we work with.  For more information, please go to

Love True

27 million people are in slavery in the world today, and in America, 100,000 children are used as sex slaves every year. Love True exists to work against the evil of human trafficking into sex slavery through prevention (raising awareness, fighting for just policies, etc.) and restoration (helping survivors to regain their lives and livelihood).  For more information, go to

Download the ZCC/Love True Affirmation of Partnership