About Prison Ministry

Prison Ministry is unique in that we have a captive audience. Each week we bring the gospel message to whomsoever may come. We do not judge; we don’t ask what crime was committed. The gospel transcends all sins. The captives are set free, and we see it first hand. “For what they have not told, they will see, and what they have not heard they will understand.”~Isaiah 52:15. We also bring worship and communion to the men and women. At Christmas, we are involved in collecting toys/presents for the prisoners’ children.


  • Join the team going in by:
    • Leading a Bible Study
    • Serving as a translator and/or teacher (Spanish)
  • Join the support team on the outside by:
    • Raising funds for Bibles, CDs, toiletries, gifts…
    • Joining our prayer team
    • Donating Bibles for prisoners 
    • Ministering to families of prisoners

“Words cannot describe the joy I get from your visits to the jail. Your work is heaven sent and very much appreciated.

“Good people from Zarephath brought me to the right direction. Starting in the prison ministry with Cliff and Mike.” 

Women’s Prison Contact

Linda Tiner

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Men’s Prison Contact

Jarib Medina

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About Bridge Church Prison Ministry

It’s a very disorienting, even fearsome experience to be released from prison! New rules, new people, new everything! Being a Bridge is about mentoring and coaching a released person (man or woman) through one-on-one meetings as they re-enter life and community. Partnering with Prison Fellowship Ministries →, we provide training for this role and connect you with a soon-to-be-released person who has been through a 6-18 month process of thinking through what they want life outside to be. You as a mentor, would walk with them through that plan, and share God’s love in the journey!


  • Personal Mentor
  • Prayer Partners


    Linda Tiner

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    “70% of released inmates return to custody within a short period.”

    “The first three minutes, three hours, three days and three weeks after release are critical…” (R Lozado)


    2 Ministry Center Drive

    Zarephath, NJ 08890



    ZCC is a Ministry of Pillar of Fire International