Current Sermon Series

Jesus- The Road to the Resurrection

In this new season at Zarephath Christian Church, our theme and our focus has been: "Keeping our eyes on Jesus.” There is no better way to do that than by looking at Him in the Word. Some of the most impactful and significant things in the gospels took place toward the end of Jesus ministry here on earth. 

Join us each weekend for our new series called “Road to the Resurrection" as we look at the amazing and wonderful things that Jesus said and did in the last weeks and days leading up to; Palm Sunday, The Crucifixion and the Resurrection. 


Sermons in this Series

 Week 1 - Dr. David Schroeder 

 Week 2 - Pastor Raphael Giglio

 Week 3 - Pastor Raphael Giglio

 Week 4 - Pastor Raphael Giglio

Week 5 - Pastor Raphael Giglio & Dr. David Shroeder